A story of passion - Day by Day

Day by day

- EARLY 70s - Maurizio Del Piano in Naples approaches fashion working in the shirt factory owned by his family, where he approaches the fabrics and trends of the sartorial world

- END OF THE 70s - Having become a real job by now, he collaborates with various Neapolitan companies, for which he selects winning articles and strategies

- 1980 - The search for a new type of fashion begins, the American one, first seen on TV and then live in travels around the world. Awareness and a pinch of audacity, makes the first contacts with the most influential companies in the world, including Levi's, Nike (and others)

- 1984 - Day by day is founded in Corso Umberto in Naples, historically called "rettifilo", a shop with overseas references and a streetwear approach.

- From the 90s to 2010 - The store becomes a pole, in Naples and its province, for the street environment and continues to bring innovations to a market that increasingly faces international styles and trends. The entry into society of Mara Lourdes, in the figure of buyer and visual, is a turning point for the selection of the most exclusive and sought-after items.

- October 4, 2021 - The breakthrough . Day by day it grows , takes over the adjacent business and gives new space and a new vision to the concept of clothing . An inclusive space is created, open to all, unifying streetwear, outwear, technical, research and collectibles genres.

- October 13, 2022 - No longer just for southern Italy, the store faces the world through www.daybydaynapoli.it, international e-Commerce, with a great vision, but above all awareness, that things made with passion have a great future .

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